AHA releases healthcare workforce toolkit

With the release of its new digital toolkit, Strengthening the Healthcare Workforce, the American Hospital Association aims help its members navigate workforce challenges and opportunities, and highlight strategies and resources.


One section of the report, Building the Team, shares strategies for recruitment and retention, diversity and inclusion and creative staffing models.

AHA does not intend the toolkit to be all-inclusive, according to the report introduction. Rather, it is a companion to other AHA playbook resources that address the long-term sustainability of the healthcare workforce. Each section includes:

  • Key considerations and questions to drive action

  • Recommendations for discussions with team members

  • Top takeaways and action items for CEOs and leaders

AHA developed the team building section, and previously released sections – Supporting the Team and Data and Technology to Support the Workforce – under a framework for action. 

The framework addresses challenges now and in the short and long-term, including creating a culture of healing, creative staffing, technology solutions, care model design updates, technology integration, leadership development, educational pathways and models, strategic workforce planning and more.

Each section contains links to studies, articles, models and assessment tools as well as advice that can help hospital and health system leaders pivot on their team-building approaches. 

Of note, Chapter 4 on data and analytics discusses the collection of internal data for decision-making from human resources departments and additional internal data resources, like daily patient census, quality measures and financial records.

“Data is a team effort. No doubt there are pockets of critical information across the organization that, when compiled, will provide insights,” the toolkit advises. 

“As you move through piloting different interventions and models, ensure you invest in data collection and review to evaluate these metrics.” 


Just this week, another research report from American Medical Association, Mayo Clinic and Stanford Medicine showed that physician burnout is at an all-time high.

As we reported earlier this year, more than half of all healthcare workers say they are experiencing burnout – and that’s causing many to leave the industry.

One report showed 90% of nurses are considering leaving the profession.

It’s imperative for health system leaders to work toward solving those workforce challenges, which include the pandemic itself, safety concerns, technology challenges, EHR dissatisfaction and burdensome documentation requirements.


“The landscape has changed; we can’t expect the same results with a one-size-fits-all approach to recruiting,” according to the resource, which was developed with experts from the AHA Board of Trustees’ Task Force on Workforce

“Healthcare workers are worn out – addressing wellbeing, as well as supporting flexibility and family life, are key to maintaining a strong team. A well culture, where team members feel valued, is essential to retaining a committed workforce.”

Andrea Fox is senior editor of Healthcare IT News.
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