Abnormal Heart Rate during Covid Infection | Dr. Nikhil Choudhary

Many COVID patients are suffering from Abnormal Heart Rate. The normal heart rate should be between 60 to 100. When there is an increase in the heart rate or if it is above 100, it is called Tachycardia and when there is a decrease in the heart rate or if it is below 60, it is called Bradycardia. Fever, stress, anxiety, thyroid, etc. are caused due to an increase in the heart rate.

Dr. Nikhil Choudhary, Consultant – Cardiology, Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Jaipur talks about abnormal heart rate during COVID infection.

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25 Comments on “Abnormal Heart Rate during Covid Infection | Dr. Nikhil Choudhary”

  1. Iam 27 years old. I was fit and damn healthy.
    Took my first covid shield vaccine shot in January, got slight chest heaviness, headache and fever the next day, was fine after that.
    Then took my second covid shield vaccine shot in March, didn't get any symptoms from this second shot of vaccine.
    The next month i.e in April I was tested covid positive & in next i.e in may i started to experience a hell lot of symptoms.
    The series of events are mentioned below:-
    -> Palpitations for no reason.
    -> Palpitations in sleep for no stress and anxiety.
    -> Heart pain and shortness of breath.

    Due to this I was taken to ER couple of times, where EKG was normal many times, doctors there used to tell me that it's a stress and anxiety, but it was not the case.

    So I decided to go for heart diagnose.
    Here also TMT, ECHO and other blood test showed normal values.
    Atlast CT coronary angiography was carried out, here also the report did come normal.
    Currently I still experienced heart pain and chest discomfort, but there is no shortness of breath.
    Sometimes I don't any symptoms while walking, running and climbing the stairs, but even at rest I can feel the heart pain.
    Currently I am on beta blockers tablets(metoprolol 50g), currently the episode of Palpitations has reduced.

    God help me from this.

    Thanks china, for destroying my life and health 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

    You can be in contact with me on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/shant_sangurdekar/?hl=en

  2. Maximum time I have normal heart rate.. but sometimes it rises into 100-116 without reason..even when I'm on rest in bed..
    Is that any problem?
    My ecg is written abnormal but doctor said no it's normal ecg…I visited 2 doctor both said normal ecg

  3. Mera covid theek hua 6 month se jyada ho gaya aur abhi bhi Mera hath rate kabhi-kabhi badh jata hai aur yah badh kar 175 tak pahunch jata hai main doctor se bhi consult kiya aur apna city scan karaya per vah normal ha bich mein ciplar l a 40 Khana sa ya thik ho gaya tha par pichla 2 month sa ma pregnant hoon aur Tab se yah problem wapas a gaya hai to main kya Karun

  4. Sir my father had a covid in this march bt mere Papa ka heart beat kuch kuch time bahut hi jyda high ho jata hai to use thik krne ke liye koi upay hai mere dad already medicines le rahe hai phir bhi heart beat high hi rehta hai plz suggest something.

  5. Does covid cause valvular damage??? I have seen a few post covid follow up cases who on echo showed TR and AR moderate grade…….people as young as in their 30s with no h/o existing cardiac diseases. We know it causes myocarditis but valvular disease is unheard of.

  6. I am having extreme breathlessness and heart palpitations even after 3 months into covid even though my saturation is normal my Blood pressure is normal my temperature is normal Are these after effects and will go away with time Can anyone please answer ?

  7. Sir, mere husband ko April me corona hua tha, be hospital me 6 days admit rhe the uske bad be ghar aa gye the uske bad
    unki heart beat140 to 150 ho gyi thi uske bad inka doctor ki advise pr E C G test karaya jo normal aaya phir doctor ne imko kuch medicine de jisse inki heart beat to normal ho gyi pr tb se weakness bhut aa gyi phir hamne inke sabhi test karaye jonormal aaye uske bad jab kuch samajh nhi aaya to inko psycatric ko dikhaya unki medicine khate huye bhi 21 days ho gye abhi kuch aaram nhi aaya weakness lagatar bni huyi h Sir please bataye mai kya kru

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