7 Tips for a Healthy Bladder

Experts discuss seven ways to keep your bladder healthy. These small changes may help you avoid a bladder infection, manage an overactive bladder, and more. Get more bladder health tips: https://go.usa.gov/xtqAs

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14 Comments on “7 Tips for a Healthy Bladder”

  1. Stop drinking soda, ☕ tea,🍺 🍻,
    Alcohol. I think 🤔 went my kids was small l drinked a pot of ☕ a day. 2 keep me going and 2 work sometimes 12 hrs a day. I am retired now, Thank God 🙏 l made it 🙏 Go 2 the Senior's center 💖.

  2. Only urinate if your body tell you so or you have the urge to urinate. Don't go if you don't have to or might damage your bladder. Stay away from coffee. Drink plenty of water

  3. I totally don’t agree to drink water only when Thirsty are you kidding me especially when you have bladder problems or Cystitis you don’t know what you’re talking about!!!!

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