6 Tips for Healthy Skin – Simple and Natural

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Hi there,
My name is Niamh and I have a BSc in Nursing Science. I make videos on simple, natural healthy living. I hope you enjoy!

24 Comments on “6 Tips for Healthy Skin – Simple and Natural”

  1. When i'm happy not stressed. I have a perfect skin. Even without applying any tips but once i feel sad maybe because of a breakup, then stress start and problems occur everywhere. Loosing weight, skin imperfections and more..my only tip is about feeling, and emotion!

  2. The tips in this video to get a clear skin
    1. Water🌊
    2. Green vegetables🥒🥬🥦
    3. Reduce refined carbohydrates🍔❌
    4. A lemon + hot water drink for every morning🍋
    5. Fresh and clean air💠
    6. A good night sleep😴

  3. All in all solid advice, but fuck me what is with people and "toxins" as if we didn't evolve and survive over hundreds of thousands of years. Our Liver and Kidneys deal with them, "detoxification" and "flushing out toxins" are just done when you piss, crap, breathe and sweat. All you can really do is reduce the load and not murder your organs that do everything for you.

    Love the video tho

  4. Hi, I just found your channel and am enjoying your videos. Do you recommend drinking tap water or do you recommend a filtration system? Thanks

  5. Thank you for such an informative video as i have been suffering from quite an unhealthy skin….none of the things worked and this has been helping me a lot….along with that i have been using Gleaming Skin, Hair and Nail of Planet Ayurveda and that has been helping me alot.

  6. One thing I must say here, my skin is one of the very sensitive skin having acne, acne scars etc. But when I follow this like drink 3 bottles of water, stop taking sugar and doing workout and yes stop using products on my face. My skin glows and when I don't do these then yes it again start showing acne and all.

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