5 Effective Home Remedies For Irregular Periods – POPxo

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32 Comments on “5 Effective Home Remedies For Irregular Periods – POPxo”

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  4. Guys u really need to try their remedies… I am 16 and I haven't had periods for 4 months I was really scared that I thought that something was wrong…. no need to have any confusion or doubts…. yesterday I drank turmeric milk . And today I drank cinnamon tea. Today itself evening I got my periods… go on try it if u have the same problem, it really works😇

  5. I haven't got my periods for 3 months and I'm gonna be 16… to make it worse I'm having a really bad stomach pain for continuous 3 months… so does it work If I use the suggested remedies

  6. Hey guys I am here to give my experience
    As I missed my periods for 2 months I just click on this video . And I tell my mom to brought me a papaya and I ate it, my periods came after 1 day😊 but I Didn't eat yogurt because there are no store near my house but it still works

  7. Cinnaon +honey really worked I tried this lastnight and my period came in the morning…thanks For this remedy …..my period didn't come for 2 months and that has never happened before…. this vid Real deal

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