10 Natural Remedies That Actually Work

I’ve come on this channel and debunked “natural remedies” and “at home treatments” for various health problems more times than I can even remember. Considering how critical I’ve been of these naturopathic treatments, you might be surprised to learn that while most of them a myths, there are a handful of natural treatments that you can actually use to treat some mild health conditions. Honey for a cough, melatonin for sleep, saline nasal sprays to clear your sinuses while you have a cold, sugar for hiccups, oatmeal to treat eczema, aloe vera for sunburns, prunes for constipation, calamine for itches and burns, probiotics, and even duct tape to fight warts. Of course, don’t get me started on soda for fighting an upset stomach! Have you tried any of these? Let me know down in the comments!

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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48 Comments on “10 Natural Remedies That Actually Work”

  1. Hey Dr. Mike! Quick question, how does an allergic reaction to fruit occur? I obtained my allergic reactions to fruit at the young age of 8. Prior to 8, I was able to eat fruit with barely any reactions other than the sweet, sweet flavors. It's been a little over two decades now and I feel despair not being able to eat fruit as much as I once did.

  2. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THAT DUCK TAPE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN RID OF THOSE THINGS FASTER?!?!?They started to spread at one point they are gone now BUT I HAD TO WAIT 3 YEARS!!!!!!!!!I got them in grade 1 and I am in grade 4!!!😭😭😭

  3. I was always told to use warm flat coke for upset stomach, and here in Michigan almost everyone drinks Vernon's when they are sick. And will fight anyone that argues about that. But I do like this video.

  4. I remember when I had a big stye and I took a hot shower and I had been for a few days holding hot water to my eye and all of the sudden I felt a cold liquid starts pouring out of my eye and when I got out I saw it wasn’t nearly as swollen and I could see again

  5. If you have an Aloe plant, DONT just cut and use- you have to first let the Aloin drain out of the leafes!
    When you want to ingest the gel in any case; if it would irritate the skin in general , I would need to look up

  6. 6:47 …not the best Choice of tea – the bag reads: "sparkling Mint – Lemon" (in German) – you also might not wanna choose chamomile because it might contain impurities like Anthemis and thus allergenic Anthecotulid and also pollen.

    Euphrasia is good.

  7. Be careful with melatonin. Don’t want to use it too much because it can deplete your natural melatonin. Just don’t take it every single night. Give your body a break.

  8. Hey Dr. Mike I have another natural cure for the hiccups that has proven to work for everyone I've used it on or given this little advice to. Have someone stand behind the person with the hiccups and place their hands over the hiccupy's ears as they drink water for 10 seconds, sometimes it takes less time. The person with the hiccups is distracted by the hands covering their ears and something about the pressure as they drink makes them stop. I truthfully have never found anyone that it does not work on.

  9. The first time my doctor said to use Ocean Spray for my sinuses I went to the pharmacy and was like why does my doc want me to squirt cranberry juice in my nose. I didn't know Ocean Spray was a brand name of saline spray for sinuses.

  10. Wow, guess our grandparents home treatments were actually correct… I’ve been using all of these for years except for the duct tape, I will add that to my list. Also cold teabags work great for dental pain especially after you loose/pull a tooth, the tannic acid in tea help bleeding, and pain. Also help from getting a “dry socket” after tooth pulled.

  11. Alright Dr. Mike, what’s your take on this? I swear I have yet to have someone say this hiccup remedy has failed to work (so I’m already prepared for that via YouTube comments). I call it “sensory overload” and it works like this. You take a big gulp of water and hold it in your mouth. Then, you close your eyes, plug your nose with your pinkies and plug your ears with your index fingers. Then you swallow the water as slowly as you can. If you feel like you’re gonna drown, it means you’re doing it correctly haha. I know everyone says “oh my hiccup fix works” but I’m telling you…it works

  12. I know he was joking, but for you who live near an ocean, DON'T put ocean water up your nose. It's full of bacteria, dirt, debris and tiny living things that can cause serious harm to you. Saline spray in the drug store is STERILE and safe to use.

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