10 Nasal congestion home remedies | Nasal Congestion in Babies | Cough cold home remedy

Babies and kids suffer a lot with cough, cold and regular nasal congestion with the change in weather and many other reasons. Know the cause and 10 simple cough and cold home remedies to get rid of the same.
Learn from totsandmoms how to avoid nasal congestion and breathing problem in babies. Closed nose and breathing problem in babies decreases will harm the infants and toddlers. Learn the cough cold home remedies to avoid and treat your baby at home.
homemade baby food also helps to fight off the nasal congestion. Learn easy baby food recipe and soups for cough and cold.

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Remedies :

▶️Soups Recipes – https://bit.ly/399BSGq
▶️3 Drinks to relieve cold – https://bit.ly/3kWCzVR

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34 Comments on “10 Nasal congestion home remedies | Nasal Congestion in Babies | Cough cold home remedy”

  1. I use the saline spray and bulb bit my baby still breathes with difficulty, it's also making it hard for her to feed properly. Any other tip please? Anyone please reply, thanks

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  3. In times of covid I was looking for a remedy for my 6 month old grand daughter which was worrying. Thank you immensely for this video which is very useful.

  4. Thank you so much my baby is suffering from cold since 3 days her nose is clogged completely she isn't able to sleep.. and this her first time cold is too long on her.. and I really panic alott..!!! I too have catched cold.. by watching ur video I feel better.. will try the remedies which u told and review I about it.. keep making such videos thank you once again 😊

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