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50 Comments on “10 Light Exercises to Lower Blood Sugar Levels | GlucoseZone”

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  3. I'm new an I need help my problem is drinking alot of pop some diet pop makes my belly hurt so I need something else I can drink other then water can someone help me out

  4. Good afternoon
    2 yrs ago my doctor
    Told me I was a pre
    Diabetic.. then today
    My doctor said my
    Weight is good 154
    down from 164 but
    My sugar is 500 😳
    I go back to get my sugar
    Checked 4/9 but I will try
    Those exercises sometime
    Today..will it go down by
    Then my doctor said the
    Lowest level is 120
    Thank for reading.

  5. These are great little exercises to do if you don't want to leave the house. I'll definitely try them.
    Up until now I've been going for a walk after meals, although sometimes it takes a while to lower blood glucose. I wear a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) even though I don't have diabetes. If I eat a meal that has a lot of carbs (e.g. oatmeal with dried fruit for breakfast) my glucose often shoots up to the mid 140s. By walking briskly, I can lower my blood glucose by one to three points per minute. I don't know why it's sometimes one point per minute and other times it's faster. So for example today, I went from 143 > 82 in 30 minutes (so 2 points/minute). Even though my glucose is low when I finish my exercise, if I sit down and start working at my desk, it often bounces right back. So when it bounced back up to 131, I went for another walk, and this time, 131–>82 after 25 minutes of walking.
    Thanks again for posting this video with such easy exercises. For sure I'm going to come back to this video.

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  9. I can do some of these, but not all. I walk with canes because of advanced spinal stenosis, arthritis and a lumbar injury and I have nerve damage. Are there any other exercises that may be helpful?

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  11. The best exercise hands down is Jogging… I can literally put myself into ketosis 5 hours after eating two slices of chocolate strawberry cheesecake

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