10 Home Remedies & Tips to Boost your & your Child's Immunity | 10 घरेलु उपाय इम्युनिटी बढ़ाने के

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37 Comments on “10 Home Remedies & Tips to Boost your & your Child's Immunity | 10 घरेलु उपाय इम्युनिटी बढ़ाने के”

  1. Mera baby 4th Year hai or hamari yeha pox hua hai mem mujhe bohot der leg rahi hai pox hone pe immunity kem ho jata hai koi immunity booster Madison suggest kero mem please

  2. Hii mam please tell me about chest congestion..breathing tightness my son is two years old..doctors told him about inhaler pump I dont want to give him ..please advice how to open airways

  3. With the way the environment is today and all the viruses going on, its so important we strengthen our children's immune system. My 2yr old loves his wmoothies and vitamins and loves to eat good food!

  4. Mam Mera beta 4 month ka.. uski immune system ko kaise increase kr skte hai aur Corona se kaise dur rkh skte hai… Aur agr Mai kuch leti hun immune system ko bdane k liye to baby k liye bhi benefit hoga. Please reply mam

  5. Hello mam
    I have 10 month baby and please educate me how can I improve my baby boy immune system. He does not like to drink milk. When we tried to give him milk. He vomits it. We give him Ragi, Moong dal liquid and khichdi. So please give your suggestions. He also having atmospheric KHASI also. Can I give nimbu pani and honey everyday? Please please reply

  6. Plz any one help me

    Mera baby 2 years 3 month ka he use potty bohat hard ho raha he kabhi kabhi blood v hota he main kya karu kuch suggest kariye plz…

  7. Mam kya 5 saal se chhote bachchon ko corona hone ka zyada khatra,aur kya itne chhote bachche theek ho paege agar unko corona gya to ? Reply zarur kijiyega mam

  8. मानसी जी मैं अपने 2 साल के बेटे को oats या cornflakes में शक्कर की जगह शहद मिला कर देती हू क्या ये ठीक होगा

  9. Mera baba 9 month ka hai. Mujhe puchna hai kya mai usse bakri ka dudh pila sakte hai …kacha dhudh ya garam karke kya best hoga aap batao …plz replay

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