10 Foods That Lower Blood Sugar – Control Your Diabetes With These Home Remedies

Learn how to lower blood sugar and control your diabetes with these 10 foods and home remedies for diabetes. Having high levels of blood sugar for a long time can bring terrible consequences, such as heart disease, poor circulation, kidney problems or even amputations. This is why in today´s video, I´m going to reveal the top 10 foods and home remedies that you can consume to control your diabetes naturally.

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44 Comments on “10 Foods That Lower Blood Sugar – Control Your Diabetes With These Home Remedies”

  1. Hey this Cathy I went to doctor appointment I’m a Pre-diabetic I need help with eating I eat sugar-free I drink diet sodas not every day i do exercise but now like I was but my landlord kick my family of 3 out I’m homeless so it’s hard for me to do anything so I just started to eating lite and try my best to portion my food out through the day and try to eat grapes they run my Sugar up idk Wht to eat that don’t run my sugar up what can I eat how much and I eat plum’s please hear my cry for help

  2. Yeah.. my glucose was at 110 and now around 98, however every time I drink bubble tea (which has lots of sugar) after a meal with rice and such, my whole body aches. It feels numb don't hurt a lot but is a really bothering aching feeling that makes me feel like I want to remove the arms and legs out, very annoying. Could it be that i have something else since my glucose went down to 98?

  3. Doc I've had good blood pressure for couple month.all of the sudden I ate chicken with soy sauce.i belive had to much sodium so I got a big stomake pain.and blood pressure went up.how can I clean sodium intake to lower blood pressure again.

  4. Thanks for the information. I was just diagnosed with diabetes and really don’t want to live on medication if I can help it. Along with my doctors advice I am going to implement these foods into my diet. Information is power.

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