🤰How to avoid unwanted Pregnancy with Home Remedies | How to avoid Pregnancy🤰Naturally & safe👍

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This is very important topic ( how to avoid pregnancy) I’m going to share four( 4)different remedies for 4 different situations 👍
Which is home remedies safe and natural ( no side effects)

Period Hacks Hindi

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23 Comments on “🤰How to avoid unwanted Pregnancy with Home Remedies | How to avoid Pregnancy🤰Naturally & safe👍”

  1. Is that Fenugreek seeds remedies helpful for avoiding 1 month pregnancy??? Please reply 🙏🙏.. or should we taken any other food supplements?? 4days delay in periods.. kindly reply..🙏🙏 @ Fashion Beauty & Health

  2. My last period was April 28. I just had unprotected sex May 16. Today it is March 22 and my period has not came on. Please say I not pregnant 🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. My periods come in may 1-3 and ihave unprotected sex on may 11 which i saw in my calendar is safe days of mine. But we use withdrawal method it is possible to get pregnant ? I feel my stomach is bloated

  4. Hello mam.. I got my periods on 03 of March and had intercourse on 14th and 17th of March.. and then I got my periods after drinking your drinks on 06 of April my periods only lasted for 2.5 days and now again in May i have not got my periods yet.. so am I pregnant? Please mam reply I am so depressed

  5. Hi mam my last periods date was April 1st this month I won't get my periods we had contact on April 15th so I was scared about pregnancy symptoms what can I do now mam plz suggest me I tried papaya also yesterday but no result

  6. I had an intercourse on sept 2021, after that i got regular periods till april 5, 2022..
    Now i have skipped 2 days to my periods ..
    Is everything fine?
    M I pregnant?

    Might be its just my anxiety.. but pls reply if possible

  7. Di ,I have Intercourse one and half year ago………..is there any chances..? But my menstrual blood colour is brown what should I do please reply

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